Highfield Park x LOFT

PBSA, Dublin

Highfield Park exterior

Designing and Installing 240+ PBSA units and various amenity spaces in the heart of Dublin.


When conceptualising the design schemes to implement throughout Highfield Park PBSA development, we wanted to capture Dublin’s buzzing energy and create student accommodation that was an extension of the city as a whole.

We worked closely with the joint developers, GSA/BAM Construction to bring their vision to life while successfully maintaining the allocated budget and delivering quickly during the off-peak season.

When creating PBSA interiors, it is important to have student wellbeing in mind. As well as creating spaces that encouraged sociability and a community ethos, it is important to create quieter, more subdued spaces for students to unwind in, catch their breath or focus on their studies.

We aimed to straddle the line of home comfort and exciting new beginnings through our design, and we achieved just that. By offering students the best of both worlds through aspirational interiors, we are facilitating their growth through their University experience.


Our Designers always have their ear to the ground to be sure what they are designing is on-trend and stylishly valuable to both developers and students.

We introduced a mature design aesthetic through our choice of colours and materials, while adding a more playful and unique touch through accessories and soft furnishings. We aim to provide the best environment for students to use as a platform through their University experience to grow, flourish and thrive


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