July 20, 2021

Top Considerations For Serviced Accommodation Management

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Serviced accommodation properties are well and truly in the limelight these days. We’ve known for years that a UK-based break is just as good as a holiday abroad, and with more people leaning towards the staycation market, it’s finally becoming common knowledge.

But these short-term lets aren’t just for weekend getaways and the school holidays. Key UK cities such as London and Manchester also attract a huge number of professionals visiting different regions for business purposes. Many of them prefer to stay in serviced accommodation properties as they have a more homely feel to them than hotels.

The demand for serviced accommodation is only going to grow as countries go back and forth on the Government’s traffic light system. People still want to go on holiday and attend business trips, so you need to put all your effort into serviced accommodation management. You need to think about your guests, why serviced accommodation is better than a hotel, and the replenishment services you’ll need.

We understand serviced accommodation management can be tricky. To make everything more straightforward, take a look at our advice below.

Are You Catering to Your Guests?

Generally speaking, where your serviced accommodation is will give you a pretty good idea of the type of guests you can expect. City centre locations are ideal for professionals who are visiting the region for work, and serviced accommodation properties next to seasides and nature spots will mostly attract holiday tourists.

While these guest types aren’t set in stone (London, Liverpool and Manchester all see their fair share of tourists after all), they are the most common for the areas.

Keeping clientele types in mind, your property has to cater to their needs. Serviced apartments in metro areas should have a dedicated work space. You can really impress your target market by adding a few simple touches such as:

  • A work desk

  • Office chair

  • Shelving 

  • A printer

  • Fast wifi

This will help business guests stay focused and away from having to work on the sofa in front of the TV.

If your serviced accommodation property is aimed at families, three-seater sofas and a larger dining table will probably top your list of priorities. These furnishings can help bring a family closer together and give everyone elbow room to be comfortable. You may even decide to install a sofa bed so the living area can be used as a bedroom for bigger families.

By knowing the needs of your target market, serviced accommodation management becomes much easier. Take some time to work out who your property will attract and find out what that demographic typically expects from serviced accommodation properties. If you need some help, make sure to get in touch with LOFT’s expert team.

Why Should Guests Go to You Over a Hotel?

As nice as many hotels are across the UK, corporate clients and holidaymakers are going for serviced accommodation more and more for one very specific reason: serviced accommodation reminds them of home.

The comfort and little touches of luxury are what set short-term lets apart from hotels. As part of your serviced accommodation management strategy, it’s important to make sure your property feels like a guest’s home away from home.

Comfortable sofas and quality mattresses help your guests relax and unwind, and a good mattress is crucial for getting a great night’s sleep and improving wellbeing. The better mood your guests are in, the likelier they are to leave you positive feedback, which can then lead to more bookings.

Want to ensure that your guests have the very best night’s sleep possible? Don’t forget to provide them with soft and inviting bedsheets, and take a look at our Zen mattress range for that perfect night’s sleep. 

Essential bits and pieces are necessary because they’re the minimum that guests expect from accommodation. You should provide them with equipment to do their own cooking, as many may not want to eat out every night due to the high cost. It’s also a good idea to provide a cleaning pack in case of any accidents.

Make sure to spend some time looking over accessories, as well. It’s the little things many guests appreciate, and cushions, blankets and throws are excellent finishing touches that can pull a property together. Given their low cost, you can even change them out with the season, giving your serviced accommodation a more personal and timely feel.

Can You Replace Furnishings Quickly?

Serviced accommodation properties are going to be in high demand for the next few years while Covid is still on everyone’s mind. While this is great news for making decent returns on your property, furnishings will become damaged and worn out the more they’re used.

To provide your guests with the quality service they’ve paid for, you’ll need to be able to replace furnishings that are either unsafe to use or have become an eyesore quickly. Naturally, this means replenishment services are key when focusing on your serviced accommodation management. 

In order to keep guests happy and to ensure your accommodation is exactly as advertised, you need to find a furniture partner who you can contact and rely on in emergencies. This is especially true if it’s larger pieces, such as beds, sofas and wardrobes that need to be swapped out. If an integral piece of furniture can’t be used, you may have to cancel bookings, offer guests a refund or at least give them a discounted rate to avoid bad reviews.

LOFT are well known for providing unrivalled replenishment services. We have distribution centres across the whole of the UK, including London and Manchester, so we guarantee a fast delivery.

Our delivery team will also assemble and install the items in the correct rooms before taking away the packaging and furniture that you’re replacing. We will even collect the keys and return them to you to save you the hassle of having to meet us at your serviced accommodation property.

How Can LOFT Help With Serviced Accommodation Management?

Serviced accommodation management requires a lot of time and effort right from the very start. Knowing who your clients are and how to properly cater to their needs can be difficult to do on your own, but our experienced team has helped many landlords with their serviced accommodation properties up and down the UK.

From finding the right furnishings to taking away the hassle of sourcing replacement pieces, we’re on hand to make managing your serviced accommodation easier. Many short-term let landlords have turned to us over the years for professional assistance, and we can help you, too. Simply contact a member of our team for more information.

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